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About Pattie Parker

As the daughter of Cuban immigrants, I have seen how parents will sacrifice everything for their children, and as the daughter of divorce, I have seen how two wonderful, honest parents can lose sight of what is right to prove who is right. Now, as a divorced parent (Yes, my former law partner of 16 years and I were ex-spouses!), I learned that, even under the best circumstances with two well-intentioned adults, children of divorce still suffer. As parents going through divorce, we can only try to minimize the emotional hurt divorce inflicts. Children of divorced households can grow up without emotional baggage if parents never lose sight of what is right.

I became a lawyer to help good people through difficult times. Early in my career, I represented the Department of Children and Families, and I witnessed parents who loved their kids but were not emotionally capable of providing basic parenting because of mental illness or drug abuse. I was disheartened by the lack of empathy and support shown to parents who lost their way.

I decided to leave DCF to represent parents whose children have been taken by the Department. These are the most difficult and heart-wrenching family law cases involving allegations of abuse and neglect. Through my two decades in private practice, I have examined and cross examined countless psychological experts. I have tasked the Department to prove its case and provide services to accelerate reunification.

My goal has always been to get to the truth and get help for clients who need it. I have become so proficient in analyzing parenting issues that I have been routinely appointed by family law judges as an independent expert in complex custody cases.

My clients have always appreciated the personal care I inject into every aspect of their case. I truly care about the problems and challenges they and their children face in one of the most difficult and life changing events they will ever encounter. I am there for them, and I will be there for you.

What makes me qualified?

Unlike most all divorce lawyers, I have years of experience litigating complex foreclosure cases against the worlds largest banks. My years of pouring through boxes and boxes of complicated Pooling and Servicing Agreements, organizational charts and life-of-loan transaction histories has sharpened the analytical skills I use in unravelling complicated, high-asset divorce cases. No stone unturned.

Specialized Practice Areas

Paternity 85%
Divorce 98%
Modification 88%
DCF and Ad-Litem Services 79%

Practice Areas

• Divorce
• Custody/Timesharing
• Alimony
• Child Support
• Division of Assets/Liabilities
• Paternity
• Department of Revenue

• Modification
• Relocation
• Contempt
• Enforcement
• Department of Children and Families
• Guardian/Attorney Ad-Litem
• Domestic Violence

Office Hours

9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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